Design Hold

We are having so much fun designing for all of our clients at the moment! Wendy does each design herself and wants to make sure she gives each design some totally focused Badassery! So, at this time, we are putting a hold on all new design inquiries until September.

If you're still interested in design help and can wait a bit, please join our waitlist and we'll reach out when our schedule opens up!

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design services

Been laying awake at night stressing about pulling off your upcoming renovation, tiles and faucets swimming through your head? Been pinning for 5 hours every day for a week straight trying to come up with a plan only to be even more confused? Stop the madness! Get help. 

design therapy

One hour Design Therapy sessions are available for those needing some budget friendly assistance with their renovation, big or small.  Many of our clients have lots of ideas, they just need help weeding through them all, as well as confirmation they are (or aren't) on the right path. Design therapy is a combination of consultation and collaboration in order to get the look and functionality you need. You and Wendy will hash things out until you've come up with a plan for your space. While this session is truly a collaboration, Wendy is ready and willing to step in and voice any concerns or alternatives should she see the need or opportunity missed. You'll discuss:

  • Floor plan options

  • Renovation dos and don'ts

  • Expected general costs 

  • Alternatives that will save money

  • Upgrades appropriate (or not appropriate if you want!) for your property

  • Material Options

  • Color schemes

  • Pitfalls to avoid

Clients typically find that afterward they have a more focused direction for their renovation. They feel more confident in how to proceed and have new ideas for the space that they had not considered. Often times they are relieved they now know what they can do in order to avoid complications, delays and sometimes disaster.

A consult is verbal and does not include formal physical design plans. 

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Wanting a sparkly new home look but you just don't feel like you have the eye to pull it off? Or maybe you don't have the time to look at doorknobs for 8 hours to find the perfect one (we've done this). Let us help. You don't even have to be here in Phoenix to receive your own custom design.  E-design is for you!